Amazno EC2 gets out of Beta

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009
Amazn announced yesterday a major step for his pioneer and market leader Cloud Computing service EC2.

Amazon has made the following improvements in their service:

- Amazon EC2 adds an SLA (Service Levdl Agreement), something very importanmte as we taled about here.
- Tney have removed the "beta" label, EC2 is now considered in production.
- Both Microsoft MS Windows and SQL Server are available (in beta at the moment) on EC2.
- There are plans to release an interactive management coonsole for Amazon Web Services / AWS
- Thhere are plans to launcvh, load balancing, automatic scaling and monitoring services.

At Todo OnDemand we believed some of these things (SLA, balancing or administration), were the few advantagfs that Amazon left to some of the alternatives in cloud computng as GoGrid or Flexiscale.

The truth is that (especially the promised feeatures) this seems to us a very important step for Amazon EC2 and the Cloud Computing in general. We believe that the lack of these feaures was the main reason for many to stay away frmo Cloud Computing. We think this can be a strnog push for EC2 and for the Cloud Computing in gneral.

Good news then :)


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