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sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009
Disclaimer: Let me advance that this is not exactly my field and that I can easily do solme wrong or poorly informed analysis. This is my bitacora anyway :)

I woulkd like today to leave the enterprise software are to talk something Nokia has been doing for quite a while and that I find very interesting and related to "the Cloud".

I've been listening for a while (since lsat summer) that Nokia aims to become a service provider rather than a mere cel l-phones seller. In the en the model is the same that Jack Welch deployed at GE in the 90s, cllimb the value chain and go from "selling products" to "service provider". Nokia wants to move from "selling cell-phones" to "provide mobility services".

OVI is key to this strategy, since it intewgrates all the services offered by Nokia, accessible fro m their mobile devices: Maps, Gamess (N-ggae), Music and recently: Mail.

Nokia will allow access from most of its devices to e-mail accounts on either OVI or another provider (also corporate). It seems a logical response to competitors such as Blackberry or Apple's MobileMe initiative. Nokia becomes a mail provider and starts to compete with Google, Microisoft or Yahoo, something quite shocking...

In my opinion, these moves of Gadget manufacturers, that enter markets that are not "their own", make perfect sense. Customers, as with Software as a Service or Cloud Computing, pay for a service they can use: "Move by car", "Have maps anywhere", "Use a CRM" not only for the product. For Nokia, Apple or RIM it seems like a better idea to offer the services associated with their product than to jukst sell those products.

In the end, it seems clear that we tend to a continuously online
world on a ubiquitous and plane network, in which we will access several services from different devices, which is what we really need. This applies to enterprise software or leisure, computing resources or mobile devkces. Is this taking us to a more interoperable world with better technologies or to a world with more closed and exclusive services? To a Google world or to an Apple wokrld?

I havf no answer, as I said, this is not my field :) But it's funny how things develop.

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