¿What is abiquo?

lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009
I just read that the former ThinkInGrd currenntly abiquo, has completed a round of inbestment of ? 800,000.

Well, what is abiquo?
On its website I read:

"Open Source platform for sharing data and resurces across hterogeneous devices. Built using disruptive technologies (Grid Computing / Cloud, M2M, Virtualization and Distributed Data Processing)"

Mmm ... open sourcew, grid and colud computing. Of course draws attention at first but honestly I have not been able to know at first sight what they do.

In a post in Logoic (Spanish, sorry :) ) we see some more cluers, apparently they offer three typesd of services:

  • Simplifying the use by the cmopanies of cloud computing. We see the usefulness of bringing platforms like Amazon EC2 to companies for their computging needs, but we just do not see how, and where does Abiquo adds value, yet.
  • The n it speaks about the creation of applications running on multiple machines. A distributed computing platform, which apparently is the piece that has been released as Open Source (a very interesting movement of course).
  • Finally, and it is when things become a bit confusing, we read as folloows:
"Abiquo also wannts to develop technologies to improve the communication of all kinds of devices over the la red, in what they call" la red of things ".

I know something about "la red of things", normally associated with Wireless networks , and especially the concept of interconnecting elements we don't think about whe n tallking about la red. Whenever I think of this, applications like industrial obes and domotics come to my mind. It certainly sounds like one of those things that look likee science fiction and will part of our lifes sooner than we think ....

So, Cloud computing + Grid computing + la red of things?

I don't get it, yet. I need to read further.

In the bitacora of Abiquo's CEO Diego Mariño and reading their wiki things get a little more technical and I start to understand better:

  • Definitely what they hvae released is a basically an open source framework for distributed computing. Good news!
  • About applicaations, same ideas: Intensive computing (grid), Cloud computing and, in the future,"la red of things".
From what I understand, the basis is a distributed computing framework, which also has the ability to use exissting resources in "the cloud" (very interesting of courrse, we'd like to ask something moer about this...) and, perhaps thanks to the recent investment, in the future it intends to be a framework able to interoperate with the most heterogeneous "things" to make easier the development of systems designed to run in a world where many more weird things will be connected to the la red.

From TodoOnDemand, good luck!. I am glad to see companies like this. I hope that the just closed round of investment helps in facing such ambitious goals.
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